Budget and Finance

1. The Commissioner, assisted by the Division Coordinators, will prepare a budget for the school year, September-June.

2. The budget will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval at the September meeting.

3. An independent audit of the books will be made at the end of each school year.

Rules of Play

1. The current rules and regulations of the Kentucky Association for Academic Competition will be used in the Middle and Elementary Divisions. The KAAC rules will apply in the High School Division with the following modifications:

a. Regular weekly Quick Recall matches will consist of sixty (60) questions only.

b. A short break will be called when thirty (30) questions have been used.

c. Coaches may substitute team members during the break.

2. Sealed Question Packets for each team must be brought to each Quick Recall match. The packets must be opened in the presence of BOTH coaches.

a. If a team does not bring its packet, the team forfeits the match.

b. If a packet appears to have been opened, that team forfeits the match.

3. The match must be played with individual lock-out buzzer systems.

4. Any regularly-enrolled student in the member school may compete on the school's academic teams in the appropriate division: elementary grades 4-5, middle grades 6-8, high school grades 9-12.

a. The High School Division has the following additional regulations for its three teams:

Varsity—any freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.

Junior Varsity—any student in grades 9-12, who has not played on the varsity team that day (unless a prior agreement exists between both coaches.)

Freshman—only freshmen who have not played that day.

b. Only the Varsity match will be used for League standings.

5. The Middle School Division has the following additional regulation for team membership:

a. A student may play either varsity or reserve during a day's competition. A varsity team member is limited to varsity play and a reserve team member is limited to reserve play for any given day's games.

5. The academic season will include approximately ten weeks of competition, beginning in October or late September and ending prior to the Governor's Cup- District competition.

a. Divisions may choose to hold tournaments at the midpoint of the season.

b. Tournaments may include contests in Written Assessment.

6. In the event that a match cannot be played as scheduled, the postponement must be approved by the Commissioner. If possible, new question packets will be available for the make-up game.


1. The By-Laws will be amended by the same procedure as the Constitution.

Bylaw Amendments

1. Selection of new Commissioner (Adopted May 8, 2006)

Membership Committee Report July 19, 1993

According to the NKAL Constitution, the Membership Committee evaluates each schools application yearly. Due to the increasing number of schools not represented at the Fall and Spring league meetings, the following membership/probation policy was unanimously approved:

Any school not represented at a league meeting will be placed on probation and then assessed a $50 finefor any subsequent meetings missed while on probation. Any fines assessed must be paid before June 1 in order to be considered for continued membership in the NKAL. If a school on probation is represented at both league meetings the next academic year, then it will return to good standing and be taken off probation.

As always, if the coach is unable to attend a league meeting for any reason, the the principal or a designated adult may represent the school instead.



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