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The Northern Kentucky Academic League was founded in the 1980s by a group of academic team coaches who wanted to recognize and promote academic excellence through competition.  The League has grown to include nearly ninety schools and encompassing eight counties in Northern  and Northern Central Kentucky.  The NKAL is dedicated to preparing students to compete in KAAC events; however, KAAC is a separate organization.

Yearly Events

Mandatory Coaches’ Meetings

Fall Meeting – Last Monday in September at Dixie Heights HS

Spring Meeting – First Monday in May at Dixie Heights HS

KAAC Tournaments

KAAC is a separate organization from NKAL.  KAAC hosts yearly events, beginning in November with JV Challenge and Sixth Grade Showcase, then continuing with the Governor’s Cup Tournament from January to March.  Must register separately, as KAAC and NKAL are not the same organization.

NKAL League Tournament

Every December, high schools participate in a League-wide tournament, modeled after Governor’s Cup.  Member schools participate for no extra charge.

NKAL Superstars

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Faye Smith

Faye Smith



Andy Strange

Middle School Coordinator


Christine Thibault

Christine Thibault

Elementary School Coordinator


Luke Vessa

Luke Vessa

High School Coordinator


Erin Weaver

Erin Weaver

League Treasurer