about nkal

The Northern Kentucky Academic League was founded in the 1980s by a group of Academic Team coaches who wanted to recognize and promote academic excellence through competition.  The league has grown to include nearly ninety schools and encompassing five counties in Northern Kentucky.

Upcoming Events

NKAL Meeting

Please remember our meeting to be held May 4th, at Dixie Heights High School at 4 pm.

KAAC Conference

If you are interested in going to the KAAC Conference this year as a part of NKAL's contingent, please e-mail the commissioner, Rick Carr, at commissioner@nkal.org expressing your interest. The conference will take place this year from Sept 27th-29th at the Galt House...

Upcoming Season

The league meeting will be held on 9/23 at 4 pm at Dixie Heights High School. The high school schedule has been added to the website. Click on schedules and then pull up your team to find your schedule.

Contact Us

Commissioner – Faye Smith

Treasurer – Nathan Feld

High School Coordinator – Michael Fay

Middle School Coordinator – Asha Clark

Elementary School Coordinator – Pam Rice